Celebrate Women ‘s History Month 2016 in February and ALL YEAR Round!

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It seems fitting to post about women and their impact on history by opening with a quote from Ronald Reagan’s Proclamation of Women’s History Month, 1987, in light of the recent demise of Mrs. Nancy Reagan, the widow of President Ronald Reagan and passionately devoted keeper of his flame, who died Sunday morning in her Los Angeles home at age 94.   One does not have to be a fan of Reagan politics to appreciate what Mrs. Reagan brought to the office of First Lady and to recognize and respect her unfailing support of her husband.

The first proclamation of Women’s History Month was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1987. Reagan writes, “From earliest times, women have helped shape our Nation. Historians today stress all that women have meant to our national life, but the rest of us too should remember, with pride and gratitude, the achievements of women throughout American history.

Those achievements span the wide range of human endeavor. They have not been attained without the quiet courage and sacrifice of millions of women,some famed, most not. Women have established themselves in business and the professions, and today women outnumber men as undergraduates at our colleges and universities. Women have fought for moral and social reform and have taken part in and led many great social and political movements of our land. Women have founded many of our philanthropic, cultural, educational, and charitable institutions. Women have served our Nation with valor and distinction during wartime, nursing the wounded, piloting airplanes, performing vital jobs in defense plants. Women have forged a place for themselves in public life,serving on the Supreme Court, in the Congress, and in Cabinet posts; becoming Ambassadors; and holding Federal Executive posts that affect the lives of every citizen.”

As we float through the month of March, let’s keep these concepts in our mind and work to honor all women throughot the year.

“Feminism is the ability to choose what you want to do.”  Nancy Reagan


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Terry Roper

Terry Roper

Terry Roper, Library Consultant for Region 10 ESC. has been an educator/librarian in the North Texas area for 22 years. She has worked on elementary and high school campuses as well as central administration. Ms. Roper has experience dealing with English language learners of all levels and works closely with the Region 10 Literacy Team. Terry loves dealing with literacy and information dissemination and talking about book stuff!

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