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Compare Program Standards

Texas Early Childhood Program Standards Comparison Tool Check out The Texas Early Childhood Program Standards Comparison Tool! This tool, compiled by The Texas Early Learning Council after two years of research and development, is a searchable database of early childhood program standards, categorized by topic. Federal and state program standards, as well as other national […]

Trying to Cope when Disaster Strikes

Last week, there was a tornado outbreak in Texas. Yesterday, Oklahoma was devastated by another tornado outbreak. Today, severe weather was forecast again throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Natural disasters such as these, as well as the threat of natural disasters, leave many of us feeling very anxious and uneasy. Young children are impacted by these feelings as […]

Crisscross Apple Sauce Isn’t Easy!

As the school year is coming to a close, some children (and teachers) have a tendency to get increasingly wiggly. Please remember that sitting crisscross apple sauce is very difficult for our little ones, especially for prolonged amounts of time! (Have you ever tried to sit like that for any length of time? I don’t […]

Food for Thought

According to a new research study conducted by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the picky eating habits of young children could have links to genetic disposition. UNC Nutritional Psychologist, Myles Faith, was the primary researcher in the project that studied 66 pairs of twins ranging in age from four to seven.  Dr. […]

TED Talks Education

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and TED, the non-profit organization that is devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” have teamed up in an effort to provide TED’s first original television special, TED Talks Education. The special, airing tonight at 9:00 on your local PBS Station, is a one hour program that features a variety of “teachers […]

Transition to Kindergarten

As the school year is entering its final month, it is time to start thinking about the transition to kindergarten for some of our young children. The Harvard Family Research Project, a division of the Harvard School of Education, recently published a brief entitled: Ready for Success: Creating Collaborative and Thoughtful Transitions into Kindergarten. The […]