TV and Children’s Behavior

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Television 2As the summer heats up, some might be tempted to stay inside, relaxing in front of the television, enjoying the comfort of the air conditioning. If you have young children, please remember that what they view on TV can have an impact on their behavior now and in the future!

Research studies have indicated that children pick up on and imitate behaviors to which they are exposed. It has also been found that the types of television programming that children watch can play a role in their behavior. The results of a recent study related to this topic have been published in the journal Pediatrics. 

In the study, researchers did not attempt to reduce the amount of time that children spent watching TV; rather, they attempted to alter the type of programming to which the children were exposed. Then they attempted to determine if the change impacted the resulting behavior of the children.

This study supports past findings indicating that what children watch on TV has a significant impact on child development, and concluded that reducing exposure to screen violence and increasing exposure to pro-social programming can positively impact child behavior. To view the article, click on the link below:

The lead researcher on this project, Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis, discusses Media and Children in the TEDx video linked below. In this video, he describes a 10% increase in the likelihood of attention problems for children at age 7 for every hour of TV they watched per day at age 3 or younger, if the television programming was entertainment-based rather than educationally-based. Click on the link below an watch the short video for additional insight into this topic:


Kelley Estes-Jones

Kelley Estes-Jones

I am Kelley Estes-Jones, an educator with a special interest in helping young children with and without disabilities, their families, and their educational teams build a solid foundation for future learning and overall success. With a strong foundation built upon developmentally appropriate practices, each child has the opportunity rise to a highly successful future within an inclusive environment. As a consultant on the Preschool Services Team at Region 10 Education Service Center, I am realizing my dream of keeping an eye on preschool and helping children, educators, and families build our future.

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