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A Little Pep Talk

Some of you might have already seen this video; however, as the school year kicks off in Texas, I thought that we could all use a little pep talk! Let’s all work together to make 2013-2014 the best school year ever! After all, “we’re all on the same team” and we need to do everything […]

Teaching Pretend Play Skills to Young Children with Autism

See if this scene, paraphrased from the introduction of an article published in Young Exceptional Children, has a familiar ring… During center time in an inclusive preschool setting, a young boy with autism sits alone and lines up blocks. Sometimes he holds a block close to his eyes, examining it closely, but he does not really […]

The Importance of Early Learning!

Today, the Texas Early Learning Council is launching a statewide public awareness campaign on the importance of early childhood education and responsive caregiving! Throughout the state, various ads will be running on television, radio, and the internet. These ads will encourage adults to learn more about early childhood and ways they can support healthy development […]

Children Experiencing Homelessness: Improving Access to Early Childhood Care and Education

Information from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), indicates that more than 1.6 million children in the United States are homeless. Sadly, 42% of these children are under the age of six. The homeless status means that these children live on the streets or in homeless shelters. If […]