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Impact of High-Quality Pre-K

It is widely known that grade 3 is when accountability measures kick into high gear in Texas, as this is the first grade level in which the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is administered. But, don’t forget that long before the test is administered in 3rd grade, the foundation for success is […]

Texas’ Early Learning Pathways

Another new early childhood resource is available from the Texas Early Learning Council, so please share the big news!! In previous blogs, I told you about the new Infant, Toddler and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines that were released earlier this year. I also told you about the campaign to promote early learning in Texas. NOW, […]

Texas Foster Care Student Success Resources

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released a new resource guide pertaining to students that are in the foster care system. According to its preface, the primary purpose of the guide is to empower educators with information, resources, and tools to positively impact the educational experience of students in foster care. With this goal in […]

Colored Markers

I heard something on the news this morning that I thought was kind of cool, so I decided to share! Do you ever wonder what happens to those countless colored markers that run out of ink? Do you feel a little guilty that these used up markers will end up in a landfill forever? If […]