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2014 Early Childhood Summer Institute

Save the date for this outstanding conference – July 21-23, 2014! The Region 10 Preschool Services Team is hard at work planning the 2014 Early Childhood Summer Institute (ECSI)! This annual event is an exciting time for professionals involved the field of early childhood to come together and gain valuable knowledge. Once again, ECSI will […]

Be Inspired

I just had to share this inspirational story. Derrick Coleman plays professional football. That might not seem very inspiring, but for this 23 year old young man, it is quite a feat. He is deaf. He has overcome many setbacks and obstacles throughout his life in order to become a player in the National Football […]

A Listening Ear

The other day as I was flipping through a magazine, I found a quote that really stuck with me. To me it seems so simple, yet is so true. In our busy lives, we need to always remember to stop and take time to listen. “Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, […]