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Parent CompanionTake a moment to check out an exciting new resource for parents – the Parent Companion website! The goal of this new website is to provide information, inspiration, and resources for parents of children with a diagnosed or a suspected disability. The Parent Companion website was specifically designed for parents of children from birth to 5 years of age; however, there is much information that would be applicable for any parent of a child with special needs.

The Parent Companion website, available in English and in Spanish, was created through a Parent Companion - Spanishpartnership between Region 13 Education Service Center and Texas Parent-to-Parent with grant funding provided by the Texas Education Agency. The partnership between the Region 13 staff as “professional educators” and Texas Parent-to-Parent staff as “professional parents of children with disabilities” helped to create this important and necessary resource.

For website content, approximately 100 parents and professionals were interviewed in order to attain a real-life viewpoint provided from the perspective of personal experience. There are interviews and inspirational videos available in both English & Spanish on the website. The goal of Parent Companion is to help parents of young children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities realize that they are not alone. Also available, in addition to the videos and interviews, are over 100 articles that cover a large range of topics and important information.

spread the wordThe website is user-friendly, screen reader accessible, and can be accessed through any browser on any internet-capable device such as smart phone, tablet, or computer. Be sure to check it out at and then help spread the word to others that you feel would benefit from the information!

Kelley Estes-Jones

Kelley Estes-Jones

I am Kelley Estes-Jones, an educator with a special interest in helping young children with and without disabilities, their families, and their educational teams build a solid foundation for future learning and overall success. With a strong foundation built upon developmentally appropriate practices, each child has the opportunity rise to a highly successful future within an inclusive environment. As a consultant on the Preschool Services Team at Region 10 Education Service Center, I am realizing my dream of keeping an eye on preschool and helping children, educators, and families build our future.

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