Summer Conference

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N4F - BusNow4ForeverLast week, Region 10 Preschool Services conducted our big Summer Event! This year, our theme was Now4Forever, emphasizing the impact that the early childhood years have on the future.

Our presenters included experts from the field of early childhood education and included national experts, local favorites, and current school practitioners. Topics addressed were trauma-informed schools, challenging behavior, literacy, math, autism, best practices, high-quality Pre-K, English Language Learners, sensory integration, and overall health and well-being. This year’s event also held many “firsts” for us:

  • We took two of our historic events, Pre-K Boot Camp and the Early Childhood Summer Institute and combined them for a “mashup” event.
  • We held this large conference with over 300 participants in two locations simultaneously so that participants would not have to travel quite so far to attend the event!
  • The event was held in two school districts. We are thankful to Lancaster ISD for hosting our event in the south and McKinney ISD for hosting our event in the north!
  • We had a live Twitter feed going throughout the conference (#R10Now4Forever) and participants tweeted comments and pictures!

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Overall it was a fun, informative event and we have received much positive feedback! We hope you attended last week but if you didn’t, make sure to be on the lookout for our summer event in 2016. Also, we hope to see you at our events throughout the 2015-2016 school year!

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Kelley Estes-Jones

Kelley Estes-Jones

I am Kelley Estes-Jones, an educator with a special interest in helping young children with and without disabilities, their families, and their educational teams build a solid foundation for future learning and overall success. With a strong foundation built upon developmentally appropriate practices, each child has the opportunity rise to a highly successful future within an inclusive environment. As a consultant on the Preschool Services Team at Region 10 Education Service Center, I am realizing my dream of keeping an eye on preschool and helping children, educators, and families build our future.

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