Region 10 Offers New Selector Component to Teacher Job Network

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Region 10 announced in April the launch of a new teacher selector component to its online job application system, Teacher Job Network. The survey element, Prove It! by Kenexa, an IBM Company, analyzes personality, experience, thinking-ability and problem-solving to provide accurate performance predictions for teaching positions.

The 90 question survey takes applicants approximately 20 minutes to complete and analyzes characteristics such as achievement orientation, optimism, dependability, development, initiative, multitasking, team orientation, energy and situational judgment.

In a research study pilot program commissioned by Region 10 and conducted by Kenexa, high performing Region 10 teachers, as determined by their campus principal, scored significantly higher on the Kenexa Selector Assessment than those rated as average performers.

The Kenexa Selector Assessment provides human resource directors and campus principals an additional tool in the identification and screening of highly qualified applicants that meet the unique needs of their campuses and district.

Those with questions on the Kenexa Selector Assessment can call Dr. Rickey Williams, Division of Administrative Services, at 972-348-1038 or

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