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26% of Apps are Used Only Once

That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?  I have loads and loads of apps on the 3 iPads that the Region has available for checkout.  I have a hard time remembering why I downloaded them and keeping up with them!  I have equal amounts on my phone and my personal iPad.  So what to do?  This […]

iPad Apps: Cause and Effect

Recently on the QIAT Listserv ( there has been discussion about cause effect apps for students. This particular response was very helpful and wanted to share it here. You are directed to a blog from a mom who documents the journey she took with her daughter as the iPad was introduced. The other reference is […]

The Assistive Technology Daily

This a post from Lynne Deese posted in RESNA PSG-07 Educators. January 1st, 2012 marked the public launch of Assistive Technology Daily, a blog dedicated to sharing assistive technology solutions. As you will soon see, we share technology in a variety of categories that can be easily accessed by the user. New posts are available […]