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Something to Make You App-reciate the iPad

Seven of the best apps for education in 2013 is a link to an article from eschool news.  It covers Voice Dream Reader,  iSolveIt: MathScaled; iSolveIt: MathSquared, Grammar Wonderland, Virtual Human Body, ASCD for iPad, ClassDojo, and Thud! Presidents.  Some are free (always within budget), some were free, some are low cost, and at least one […]

Science for the Lifeskillz Studentz

Ok, I’m doing the “cutesy” spelling because I am inspired by a brand new product, Sciencewerkz.  This wonderful digital learning product was brought to my attention by Phil Neill (  The product is a line of interactive ebooks for tablets, such as iPad and Android OS-based, as well as computers.  Each ebook includes interactive tools […]

A Case for the iPad

  Special education classrooms that utilize iPads for student use have many concerns!  A big concern is the protection of the investment from falls, throws, stomps, and other hazzards present.  Recently I was given a GoNow case for the iPad, a product available from Attainment Company, Inc.  First of all carrying the item.  The nice […]