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There were two items in the “news” today that I just can’t resist repeating.  Jacquielynn Floyd, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, wrote “Google Glass is another distraction I don’t need.”  I couldn’t agree more!  She blames it on the fact that she is “a hidebound old-timer automatically suspicious of and resistant to technological change” but I have a different reason to say no thanks to this technology.  These glasses with a tiny computer embedded enable wearers to take videos and photos, check email, surf the web among other things.  Wow!  Do we really want this level of distraction while people are driving, walking, and doing other activities of daily living?  I think not. 

However, there may be some application for individuals with vision impairments.  Time will tell, but I’m not lining up.

The second item was an email from eSchool News Online, 10 ed-tech tools of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  What a hoot reading about how progressive we thought we were using tools such as overhead projectors, tape recorders, floppy discs, dry erase boards, TI-80 graphing calculator, a search resource called “Ask Jeeves”, and (wait for it…..) …….the latest and greatest educational software such as Oregon Trail (woo hoo!).

Someday someone will write about the good old days when we used to use cell phones and laptops and –ha, ha– those funny things called iPads!  There is a very famous country song that talks about changes and what we miss.  Sometimes I wish it were a simpler time–not! 

Anyway, fun articles.  Check em out!

Gayle McNurlen

Gayle McNurlen

An occupational therapist by background, I have been dabbling in technology since the early days of the Macintosh. I got my dream job in 2003 as the assistive technology consultant at Region 10. I would much rather play with technology than do my real job so this seems to be a good fit for me! I am also the Low Incidence Disabilities consultant.

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