What Did You Do This Summer?

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It’s back to school time!  Curb your enthusiasm, please!

I always think the summer will be my slow season but in the ten years I have been here, it has yet to be slow.  Here at Region 10 we had a busy summer.  To recap:

  1. June 11-13 was the Assistive Technology Statewide Conference held at Region 4 in Houston.  This event draws over 700 people and has sold out year after year.  It was a wonderful showcase of national and local presenters who covered all things AT.  Mark your calendar for next year:  June 10-12, 2014.  Consider being a presenter-free admission to the conference is awarded to presenters. 
  2. June 25-26 was the Low Incidence Academy.  Our presenter was Jill Beall from Region 7 who gave us an introduction to Environmental Communication Training.  We had over 40 attendees with a long wait list!  Mark your calendar for next year LID Academy:  June 27, 2014.
  3. July 30-31 I presented at the State Dyslexia Conference on Assistive Technology Solutions for Students with Dyslexia.  Attendees were able to see lots of free and some not-so-free AT products for their students.  We are so glad that the passage of SB 866 includes assistive technology for this group. 
  4. August 5-6 we hosted the Summer Lifeskills Teacher Bootcamp.  Over 300 people attended this event which included 24 unique breakout sessions.  Most of our presenters were teachers who are out in the field doing what you do every day.  I was so very proud of the presenters and I hope the event got everyone recharged and filled with ideas for the upcoming year.  Mark your calendar for next year: August 11-12, 2014.  Consider being a presenter!  People want to hear your story.\
  5. August 8 I presented for Rockwall ISD Boardmaker and searching Boardmaker Achieve (previously called Boardmaker Share) for activities that can be used during instruction and on the STAAR-ALT Assessment.  These teachers and paraprofessionals sharpened up their skills and found many useful items already created for their students.  This searching workshop will be repeated in the afternoon of Sept. 19, 2013 after Lorna Saldago presents information from TEA regarading STAAR-ALT.
  6. And finally, August 15-16 I presented at the 2nd Annual Low Incidence Disabilities Conference of South Texas.  This event, sponsored by Region 2 in Corpus Christi, had a variety of dynamic breakouts and keynote session for their attendees.  Ginger Williford, from Region 10 Early Childhood, was my co-presenter on Universal Design in Your Preschool Classroom.  Again, many resources were offered to the attendees. The local ABC television affiliate covered the event.  For a glimpse of “yours truly” see http://www.kiiitv.com/category/194871/video?&clipId=9204015&autostart=true

Whew!  What a summer!  Can I repeat this next summer?  Probably so, with alot of beach time in-between.  Hope your year gets off to a great start!

Gayle McNurlen

Gayle McNurlen

An occupational therapist by background, I have been dabbling in technology since the early days of the Macintosh. I got my dream job in 2003 as the assistive technology consultant at Region 10. I would much rather play with technology than do my real job so this seems to be a good fit for me! I am also the Low Incidence Disabilities consultant.

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