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Network, network, network!

Have you ever wondered “Am I doing this right? Are the kids we are educating getting the best we have to offer?” Of course you have! We all want to be validated for what we do. We all have that secret desire to know what our colleagues are doing. Do I ever have an opportunity […]

Low Incidence Disabilities Monthly Guides

The Low Incidence Disabilities (LID)  network is publishing a monthly guide to help teachers stay on track and be organized for the year.  These helpful guides will provide guidance regarding a checklist of what should be done this month and curriculum/instruction suggestions.  There are many helpful examples and needed guidance provided.  Bookmark this site and […]

What Did You Do This Summer?

  It’s back to school time!  Curb your enthusiasm, please! I always think the summer will be my slow season but in the ten years I have been here, it has yet to be slow.  Here at Region 10 we had a busy summer.  To recap: June 11-13 was the Assistive Technology Statewide Conference held […]

Science for the Lifeskillz Studentz

Ok, I’m doing the “cutesy” spelling because I am inspired by a brand new product, Sciencewerkz.  This wonderful digital learning product was brought to my attention by Phil Neill (  The product is a line of interactive ebooks for tablets, such as iPad and Android OS-based, as well as computers.  Each ebook includes interactive tools […]

26% of Apps are Used Only Once

That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?  I have loads and loads of apps on the 3 iPads that the Region has available for checkout.  I have a hard time remembering why I downloaded them and keeping up with them!  I have equal amounts on my phone and my personal iPad.  So what to do?  This […]

iPad Apps: Cause and Effect

Recently on the QIAT Listserv ( there has been discussion about cause effect apps for students. This particular response was very helpful and wanted to share it here. You are directed to a blog from a mom who documents the journey she took with her daughter as the iPad was introduced. The other reference is […]