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Helpful and Compasionate Things to Say at an ARD Meeting

This is an excellent article from Westminster Technologies. Gayle McNurlenAn occupational therapist by background, I have been dabbling in technology since the early days of the Macintosh. I got my dream job in 2003 as the assistive technology consultant at Region 10. I would much rather play with technology than do my real job […]

The Periodic Table of AAC

Augmentative alternative communication is an abstract issue that many people struggle to get their head around. I’ve found this fabulous visual (I’m AT, right?) that explains it in one page. The graphic is color coded with items about GUIDING BELIEFS AAC COMPETENCIES INSTRUCTIONAL AND IMPLEMENTATION TIPS COMMUNICATION FUNCTIONS ADULT SUPPORT TIPS ASSESSMENT CONSIDERATIONS Sorry to […]

Why Not You?

The time is right, the time is now!  We are planning now for the 2014 Summer Lifeskills Bootcamp and we need you!  In 2013 we had 24 unique presentations by 17 presenters.  We exceeded our registration goal.  The comments from the camp came back so positive and upbeat.  Be a part of it and show […]