Moving Beyond Greatness

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by Gordon Taylor/Region 10 ESC Executive Director

I often think about what Region 10 will be like in the future. What new service will we offer a year from now that will completely change how we help schools? What will be up to in five years? In ten??

Along with a number of well-placed school administrators from our region and three of our board members, Region 10’s leadership team has embarked on a strategic planning process. We’ve just had our first meetings to discuss our purpose and values.

I told the group about hearing a radio interview in which a CEO talked about his company moving (to borrow the phrase made popular by author Jim Collins), from good to great… to IMPORTANT. That’s where I want Region 10 to be.

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Every member of our Region 10 community will have the opportunity to participate in the strategic planning as it progresses this summer and into the fall. While I don’t know what we will look like in the future. I know we will always lead by serving.

I believe this strategic planning will set us up to be good, great, and eventually important as an organization. I’m excited that I’ll be along for that wonderful ride! I hope we can all get excited about that journey, too.

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