Service Makes The Difference

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by Gordon Taylor/Region 10 ESC Executive Director

I’m writing this as I sit on a Southwest Airlines airplane returning home after my monthly meeting in Austin. I admit that I prefer flying on SWA compared to other airlines. But it is not because they are more efficient – although I think they are; it is not because they are cheaper – though that’s often true; and it’s not because I admire the fact that they have overcome a lot of challenges (dirty politics in some cases) since they started in 1970.

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No, I like flying on Southwest because of their EMPLOYEES. They are consistently the most helpful and the most friendly people I encounter when I travel.

Then I think about the thousands of people who encounter Region 10, especially during the month of August as we host or travel to deliver professional development. I wonder if all those wonderful educators leave with the same feelings about REGION 10 EMPLOYEES that I have about Southwest’s. I hope they do!

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