Charting The Way Forward

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Strategy: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or
stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result

For the past nine months, nearly 100 people working in teams have undertaken a process to establish a new strategic plan to guide the work of Region 10 ESC. The three purposes for our center as originally outlined by the legislature nearly 50 years ago are obviously the foundation of any such plan, but they are insufficient to be anything more than the underpinning of our work. If our labors are not improving student achievement, making schools more efficient or carrying out initiatives from Austin, then we should be focusing our energy elsewhere. Relying solely on those three statutory responsibilities to actually guide us would be like a sailing ship with all sails unfurled in a hurricane. We would be blown in all directions and go nowhere.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will view the final draft of the larger group’s work next Monday; the Region 10 ESC Board of Directors will see it next Wednesday. After that, I will begin sharing it with all of you. I have seen the “near final” draft and it frames our work in a plan, provides us methods, and outlines a series of maneuvers for R10 to keep us focused on what we’re truly about: STUDENTS, SERVICE and SOLUTIONS.

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