It’s Why We’re Here

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As an adjunct professor it’s my privilege to teach graduate level courses at two local universities. While I think the students gain from interacting with someone owning my professional experiences, I admit to enjoying the classes because I love the experience of being in a classroom doing something I love – teaching. I thrive on the energy students bring to the experience!

Last Tuesday during the School Law class I teach for future principals, one of the bright young minds in the group stopped the discussion to say, “This stuff is crazy and it makes my head hurt.” There was a long pause without anyone saying anything and then her classmates voiced their agreement.

The politics and laws that come along with our profession sometimes make it difficult for us to focus on our purpose. The political and legal obstacles placed along the path to learning are frustrating, often crazy, and yes, they make our heads hurt. But like steeplechase runners who jump hurdles, climb over larger barriers, and splash through water on their way to the finish line, we can also overcome the obstacles in our path. We will do so, however, only if we remain focused on our goal: to help students learn. It’s why we are here.

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