Showing Real Leadership

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In April and May I wrote about the first two words in our new motto. I wrote about focusing on students and about being in service to others. The third installment of the trilogy is a bit more difficult. Understand that I don’t believe a problem exists that doesn’t have a solution. To use a Star Trek reference (yes, I’m a nerd), I simply don’t believe in the Kobayashi Maru scenario. That fictional no-win/no-solutions scenario is supposed to test leadership, decisiveness and judgment. Captain Kirk goes through the test twice and fails to find a solution. Before his third time to take the test he hacks the computer and reprograms it so he can solve the problem.

I want Region 10 to show that kind of leadership. When a school or an educator asks us for help, I want us to provide the solution they are seeking. And if the solution doesn’t exist, then I want us to create it, borrow it, steal it, or hack and reprogram it. We need to be passionate about our work and serious about finding the solution that’s needed.

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