The R10 Dream Team

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Yesterday I was part of one of the best Region 10 events of the year. Every year we host a “gala” luncheon for all of the Teachers of the Year selected by our ISDs and Charters. This annual event is exciting and exhilarating to attend because you realize the room is filled with those who represent the best of the education profession. The honorees are those chosen as the best in their districts. Yesterday’s theme drew on the Olympics as we termed those teachers our “Dream Team”.

I was honored to be asked to give a short speech to help bring that theme into perspective. I showed the assembled educators pictures of some of the greatest Olympic teams ever assembled including the 1992 basketball team for whom the term “Dream Team” was originally created. Along with that group were the pictures of the 2012 womens soccer team, the 1980 hockey “Miracle” team, and this year’s womens gymnastics team. I want you to do the same thing that I challenged the honorees yesterday to do: Consider those pictures, and decide which one you are in your field of specialty.

  • Are you Charles Barkly — confident, powerful and full of swagger; well known and cheered for by your peers?
  • Or are you John Stockton? No one knows who you are until they see you in action and then they never forget you because of your incredible ability to make others better.
  • Perhaps you’re Madison Kocian, the specialist who leaves everyone awed.
  • Maybe you’re Gabby Douglas, a champion who sustains an exceptionally high performance level, sets an example for others to follow, and then shares the mountaintop.
  • My guess is that most of you would prefer to be like Jim Craig who, after achieving what others didn’t think was possible, wanted to enjoy success privately, not in the spotlight.

I challenge you to identify your role on the Region 10 DREAM TEAM.

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