Right Where We Need To Be

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In 1965, Ohio State University professor Bruce Tuckman published a theory called the Stages of Group Development. If you have studied group/organizational leadership since 1965 you have learned the theory even if no one told you who created it or what it was called. Most of us know it as the Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing stages. Organizations have certain characteristics at each stage:

  • FORMING – High enthusiasm : Low skills
  • STORMING – Low enthusiasm : Low skills
  • NORMING – Rising enthusiasm : Growing skills
  • PERFORMING – High enthusiasm : High skills

There are programs at Region 10 that fit in each category but looking at the organization as a whole, instead of at the individual programs, the Center fits at the edge between Norming and Performing. And I believe that is right where we need to be! I want us to constantly be improving or “growing our skills” because that indicates we are confident in what we are doing but developing ways to be better.

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