Thanking Our Vets

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November is an amazing month for giving thanks. Christians start on November 1st with All Saints Day giving thanks for the faithful who have died. In the United States we give thanks to those who have served in the military on November 11th, Veterans Day. Then we round out the month by celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Although we set aside these special days to say thanks in both religious and secular traditions, our mothers taught us to say ‘thank you’ as a matter of politeness every time someone did something for us. I fear that I often forget to thank people when I should so let me take this opportunity to do so. Thank you to …

  • my family,
  • the teachers, band directors and coaches my sons have had in school and now college,
  • my friends,
  • the Cabinet and Directors Council members-what an incredible leadership group here at Region 10,
  • and all of you who make Region 10 a wonderful service organization.

Happy Thanksgiving Month!

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