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As I write this I’m thinking about two societal norms for the Christmas/New Year season. First, we make wishes for Christmas and second, we make resolutions for the New Year. But what I believe is that only by combining the two can we actual get what we want. Allow me to explain.

Many of you know that in my younger days I coached and one of the clichés of the sports world is that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” That is a simplistic way of communicating to players that if you prepare well enough in practice then in the midst of the game you find success. I’m thinking that Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolutions are the same. If we resolve to work hard at something then our wish for success will be granted.

We are currently in the midst of two tremendously important projects at the Center and they should come to fruition in 2017. One is the complete redesign of our professional development delivery model. Most of you are, at the very least, aware of the 70-20-10 model and some of you are neck deep in working to implement it. My wish is that this bold initiative will impact the learning of teachers and other educators strongly and that through them it impacts the learning of students. My resolution is that Region 10 will dedicate the resources of time, money and effort to achieve success with the model.

The other project is the renovation of space in both buildings. Many of you have had the chance to give input with the two architects on what is needed as we adapt our facilities to meet 21st Century professional development practices. My wish is to provide schools with a model that links instructional design and instructional space which enhances learning of modern students. I resolve to find and commit the resources required to achieve that goal.

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