About Region 10

We at Region 10 Education Service Center are committed to being exactly what our name connotes—a service organization. Under state law, regional service centers have three major purposes:

First and foremost, ESCs are charged with assisting schools in improving student performance. In the final analysis, we at Region 10 are successful only to the degree that your schools and students achieve success. Current state and federal accountability systems are increasingly rigorous and highly publicized. We will also strive to assist you in your efforts to perform well in light of these accountability measures.

Our “bottom line” obligation is to offer services and assistance that will bolster your efforts toward providing every child in your district an education of notable and enviable quality.

Second, Region Service Centers are charged with assisting you in matters relative to economy and efficiency. To this end, we will strive to provide quality services, assistance, and programs that are not only needed and affordable, but are of greater value than the same services obtainable from other sources. For us to fulfill our mission, we must offer you services that are of superior quality and competitive price.


Third, ESCs are charged with assisting you in implementation of initiatives from The Texas Education Agency or Legislature. While Region 10 has no regulatory authority, we strive to be an effective liaison between TEA and school districts/charter schools. For us to fulfill our mission, we must provide quality assistance, communication and clarification relative to such matters.

The Board of Directors and the staff at Region 10 earnestly solicit your input and support. We sincerely hope that you will communicate to us what it is that we are doing well and also how we can improve in serving you. If you have a need or an idea for a new or revised service or program, please let us know. I hope that you will feel free to contact me or any of our staff listed in this document with your thoughts, concerns and suggestions.

Very truly yours,

Gordon Taylor

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