2014 Digital Fluency Conference #R10Tech

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DFconference14-250x250The Region 10 Technology Conference on May 6th was a great day of learning, sharing, and networking. I am always up for a day of learning, and it is even more worthwhile when it is in my backyard!

Keynote: Leslie Fisher
I was super excited to hear the Keynote speaker Leslie Fisher.  I follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  Leslie began the day with a fast-paced session sharing some amazing gadgets.  I cannot lie, my favorites were the wearable technology that she shared.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all of the new technology, because it levels the playing field for all types of learners.

Below are a few of the gadgets that were featured in Leslie’s Keynote:

-Myo Armband

-The Eye Tribe

-Android Wear

The keynote was filled with great resources. I also appreciate that even though she showcased a ton of cutting edge technology, it all came back to making life more accessible for adults and students–talk about differentiation!

Region 10 did an amazing job, and offered so many great sessions.  I enjoyed the variety of regular presentation slots along with student led sessions, the digital playground area, and of course, the great door prizes!

Top 5 Takeaways from the 2014 Digital Fluency Conference

5. Celeste ISD is doing some great things with augmented reality. Visit their site for resources: redefinelearningdigitally.weebly.com.

4. Wendy Sanders‘ session on using Voxer as a communication tool in the classroom was amazing.

3.  I enjoyed watching teachers actively engage in a challenge! Participants in my session, “Empowering Teachers to Use Technology Through Tech Challenges,” completed a tech challenge by creating a 5 picture story.

2. The food trucks were AWESOME!

1. Words of wisdom from a friend: “You don’t always know what you don’t know.” @Zachsnow

I walked away with so many great ideas and inspiration.  I leave you with this quote from Leslie Fisher’s Keynote:

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

- Steve Jobs



Andrea Keller is an Instructional Technology Specialist who spends every waking moment encouraging the youth of today. She spent 11 years in the special education world as a self contained LIFE (living in a functional environment) teacher where she pushed her low-verbal and non-verbal students to new heights using various forms of technology. She was named Texas Computer Education Agency Classroom Teacher of the Year in 2011-2012 school year. She was also named 20 Educators to Watch by the National School Board Association. Andrea has also be recognized by both the local Irving and Region 10 Association of Texas Professional Educators as classroom teacher of the year. In her current role Andrea is able to help train teachers in using technology to increase instruction. She has instituted monthly Technology Challenges on her campus, and has created the same games through Techformers Unite. To reach all students Andrea opens her computer lab in the morning for extra tutoring and for students to have a chance to do technology projects through the Flight Program. When not on school time, she is helping lead students into a world of unlimited possibilities through “Destination ImagiNation” Andrea Keller is a true busybee and is truly a cutting edge 21st century teacher.

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