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Duolingo: Learn Languages for FREE!

Learn multiple languages for free in a fun, gaming-like environment with Duolingo. Proven to be more effective than most university foreign language courses, beginners and experts alike learn at their own pace. Duolingo helps you learn languages with your friends while simultaneously contributing to translate real-world content from the Web. This unique setup means that […]

Texas Digital Citizenship Day

Texas Digital Citizenship Day will take place on March 5, 2013. The purpose of the day is to build awareness of digital citizenship as a set of defined, teachable skills, and to engage parents, educators, students, and lawmakers across the state as key stakeholders in making sure kids navigate the online world safely and responsibly. […]

Let Me Google That For You: A tool that passive-aggressively helps your friends!

For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than Google it for themselves… Enter a search term (, click the Google Search button, and a link appears that you can copy, paste and send to your friend. When they click the link, an animation displays the Google […]

Did you get the new iPhone 5 or iPad mini?

Think about donating your old devices to your local school! Or, better yet, start a “used device drive” in your community. Kemp Junior High has started a similar drive; they are asking for older model smartphones that are able to connect to the school’s WiFi – a boon for their BYOD campus! Even if an […]

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is 2/13! Check out these resources from Edutopia. Ashley GilliamEducational consultant and tech facilitator supporting innovations in learning, education & technology.More Posts

Evaluating Technology Use in the Classroom

A few colleagues and I have been charged with assisting schools and districts in evaluating the level of technology integration in classrooms and  providing teachers with models of how technology can be integrated throughout instruction in meaningful ways. The real issue is not if technology is used in the classroom, but whether or not technology […]

Region 10 Annual Technology Conference: Call For Presentations

Announcing a  Call for Presentations for the Annual Region 10 Technology Conference on May 7, 2013 The theme for this year’s event is “The Future Is Now”. As always we ask your help in identifying teachers and administrators who are doing creative things in your districts and ask that you encourage them to consider presenting. […]